This is Elixir Coffee, and it is just pretty dang cool. I would say this may be the "newfangled-est" of newfangled coffee. This coffee is brewed with sound waves  (what exactly that means, is still under wraps). The coffee process involves playing music to brew the coffee in some magical way for different lengths of time. The numbers listed on the bottles indicate the time spent brewing. The batch I ordered came with info indicating that it was brewed to the tunes of The Carpenters, so of course we listened to them while enjoying this drink. 

Elixir Coffees slogan is:
 "Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee & unlike anything you've ever tasted before!"

I can let you know that their slogan is very accurate. Really unique flavors with the consistency of tea while having the taste of coffee. Normally with newfangled coffees, the goal is to pick out notes of fruits, nuts, etc., those all show up in Elixir, just in a seemingly purer form.  I highly recommend trying it at least once.