Learning about the roasting process and the science involved has been interesting and I'd like to share my experiences in a series of posts I will refer to as...

 The Roaster Series

It has been a while since my last post, so a small life update. I have recently started a great position as a Developer Relations Engineer at ArangoDB, bought a house, and started roasting coffee!

Although life can get busy, coffee is always a nice source of unwinding for me, it's fun-learning, that results in a tasty warm beverage. 


For my first post I just want to show off my beautiful coffee roaster, the Hottop KN-8828B-2K (sexy name, I know). *Slaps top of roaster* this sweet machine will roast your beans to perfection.

I was fortunate enough to find this roaster used, for a great deal. To be honest, it's a bit more roaster than I think a novice roaster needs, but I already appreciate starting with a roaster at this level. This roaster will be one that as my skill increases I will slowly 'grow into' it. Some of the nice features it has include:
- Adjustable airflow
- Dual fans(drum & cooling area)
- Drum roasting style
- Digital input adjustments panel
-Programmable profiles can be saved 
- Viewing window to monitor bean color
- Cooling area that mimics professional roasters

Overall, this roaster has everything you need to get the exact profile you need. I have been researching and testing out different styles of roasting and while I am not getting the perfect roast just yet, I am getting there. The roaster came with 10 pounds of Columbia - Narino and so far has been a nice coffee to start with. Once I get the perfect light roast I will let you know!

That's it for this post, in future posts I will go into detail on some of the challenges I face and (as I figure it out) what I did to improve.